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Have you have been seriously injured on the job in Raleigh or Durham?

You may qualify for full workers’ compensation benefits, including wage benefits and medical treatment for damage and impairment to any part of your body.

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The workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to receive include:

  • Total wage loss: If a physician determines that you are unable to perform work assigned to you, you are entitled to compensation for lost wages.
  • Partial wage loss: If your employer assigns you to light duty at a lower wage than you were previously earning, you are entitled to benefits to compensate for the difference.
  • Medical compensation: Requiring your employer to provide you with medical treatment so you can recover from any and all physical consequences of your injuries.
  • Permanent partial disability: When your doctor concludes that your ability to use one or more body parts has been impaired, you are entitled to compensation for this loss.
  • Permanent total disability: If you are unable to work due to a work accident-related disability, you must be compensated by your employer for your lost wages.
  • Workplace injury fatality: If you have lost a spouse, relative, family member or loved one in a workplace accident causing serious or catastrophic injury, you may qualify for a death benefit through workers’ compensation.
  • Other workers’ compensation benefits: These include vocational rehabilitation and retraining, if your situation calls for transition to another job.
  • Average weekly wage benefits: A correct calculation of your average weekly wage is very important, as your average weekly wage is used to calculate the ongoing compensation rate of your workers’ comp payments. There are several ways of determining the average weekly wage. The most common method takes the average gross weekly wage of an injured worker for 52 weeks preceding the injury date. However, if there were lengthy absences of more than seven days during the year preceding the injury, or if the injured worker has not worked with the same employer for that 52-week period, a different approach may be utilized to arrive at this important number.
  • Compensation rate: Your compensation rate is 66 2/3% of your average weekly wage. However, your workers’ comp wage loss benefits are not subject to federal and state income taxation.

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