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Have you or a fellow motorcyclist friend or loved one suffered a serious accident caused by the recklessness or negligence of a North Carolina motorist?

Motorcycle-car or motorcycle-truck collisions can cause catastrophic and fatal injuries and become cases of wrongful death. They are highly avoidable and actionable when your rights have been violated. The Becton Law Group protects those rights and works hard for the financial compensation you deserve.

Our Raleigh motorcycle accident lawyers of The Becton Law Group are here for you and have been for almost 50 years of our combined experience. Our compassionate family of attorneys is professional and bold in our representation, and committed to attentive personal service for your family, start to finish.

Because the motorcycle driver and passenger have nothing to surround and protect them, collisions with other vehicles usually mean that the motorcyclist comes out the loser. Typical motorcycle rider injuries are life-changing ones: to the head, brain, neck, spinal cord, back and extremities. Injured drivers or passengers have years of expensive, grueling therapy ahead of them more often than not.

Take action now to protect your rights and send a message to motorists who refuse to see motorcyclists. You can reach us toll free from wherever you are in North Carolina. Call 888-563-4515. Your email, fax or overnight message will be responded to promptly.

The Motorist Who Didn’t See You Will Have To See Us | The Becton Law Group

Drivers of other vehicles are notorious for being unable or unwilling to see and acknowledge motorcyclists, and cede to them their share of the road. Contact us immediately if you suspect that this kind of negligence and carelessness led to your motorcycle collision with a/an:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Another motorcycle
  • Large commercial vehicle
  • SUV
  • Government vehicle
  • Recreational vehicle
  • Bus
  • Van

Our Becton Law Group investigative resources can reconstruct or re-enact your motorcycle accident. The facts we uncover can lead to identification of the negligent party responsible for your injuries and to his or her insurance company for negotiation or litigation of your right to maximum compensation.

Do you need an evening appointment, or a home or hospital room visit? We can provide it.

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The toll-free number to call is 888-563-4515. Our contingency fee policy means that if we accept your personal injury claims case, you owe no attorney fee unless we win money for you.