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You Have Rights After A Job-Related Accident Or Injury

Were you seriously injured in an accident at your factory, warehouse or construction site job?

Did a workplace exposure to a toxic substance result in serious illness for you?

Have your employer and your employer’s insurance company delayed or denied your application for workers’ compensation injury benefits in North Carolina?

A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can protect your rights to the wage loss and medical benefits you need after your on-the-job injury. We have an entire family of attorneys who can work for you at The Becton Law Group in Raleigh.

Our lawyers are united in their belief in you and in your legal interests. Since 1979, we have put that belief into action, time after time. We conduct thorough investigation and case preparation, passionate advocacy, and attentive personal service for our clients and their families. We are not afraid to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company and opposing attorney on your behalf.

Contact us to discuss your accident and workplace injury in a free consultation. Our toll-free phone number is 888-563-4515. If you are confined to your home or a hospital room during your recovery, we can visit with you there.

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Our family includes a board-certified workers’ compensation specialist.* As skilled lawyers, we deliver quality legal services like these during our association with your workers’ comp claim:

  • We impress upon you the need for bona fide legal representation of your rights, rather than having injury victims attempt to represent themselves against insurers’ attorneys.
  • We discuss the severity of your injury or illness with you, after you have been examined by a doctor.
  • We make sure you know what to expect from the often complex workers’ compensation legal process, from initial application for benefits through hearings and appeals.
  • We explain the various kinds of benefits you could qualify for: medical compensation and wage reimbursement, classifications of temporary or permanent disability, or vocational rehabilitation and retraining to pursue another profession.

At The Becton Law Group, we attend to every detail so you don’t have to. We want you to be able to focus on recovering from your workplace injury. Report your accident to us immediately so we can evaluate your case and get right to work on your behalf.

Making a difference, one case at a time. It’s what we do every day for injured workers in Raleigh and the vicinity at The Becton Law Group.

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*Certified in workers’ compensation law by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.