Wage Loss Benefits Under North Carolina Workers’ Compensation

Experienced Attorneys Who Can Uphold Your Right To Lost Wages For A Work Injury

Have you suffered a serious work injury in Raleigh or Durham? Is your employer unable to assign work for you that you are physically capable of doing?

Board-certified workers’ compensation lawyer Taurus Becton of The Becton Law Group wants you to know that you may be entitled to total wage loss benefits, or temporary total disability benefits, under North Carolina workers’ compensation law. He works hard to help you move on with the next productive phase of your life, and continue to provide for your family.

The Becton Law Group has been instrumental in successful advocacy of workers’ compensation benefits claims in our state, with more than 45 years of combined experience among our attorneys. Our reputation for results reflects that we make a positive difference in people’s lives, one case at a time.

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Determining Whether You Are Eligible For Wage Benefits

Your physician will offer an opinion as to your ability to work, whether or not you are receiving medical compensation for a serious work accident injury.

Your employer must pay you two-thirds of your average weekly wage, typically based on your earnings for the year prior to your injury, until you are able to return to your duties.

If you work with restrictions and your employer cannot provide you with work that meets those restrictions, you are entitled to a total wage loss benefit.

If your employer does provide you with work that meets these criteria, but does not compensate you for your full pre-injury income, you are entitled to partial wage loss benefits — benefits in addition to the wages for your light-duty work.

Regardless of your situation, The Becton Law Group can help. Our valued legal assistance to North Carolina families has been a fact of life for more than 45 years of our skilled, compassionate lawyers’ combined service. Be in touch with us today.

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