Why Do I Need A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Strong Guardians Of The Rights Of Injured Workers

You have been injured on the job — suddenly, painfully — and your recovery is not going well. To add insult to injury, literally, your employer and the insurance company are dragging their feet in providing the wage and medical benefits you need and deserve.

If you are asking yourself “Do I need a workers’ compensation attorney?” the answer is yes. A lawyer with a proven command of North Carolina workers’ compensation law is essential to securing and preserving your benefits and rights.

However, you should not select just any lawyer who comes along. Trust your health and professional future to a lawyer who knows the law and what it takes to protect you. In the Raleigh-Durham area, the workers’ compensation law firm that gets results, and has since 1979, is The Becton Law Group.

We are an accomplished family of attorneys whose family-to-family guidance and comforting legal leadership can go a long way toward seeing you past this crisis. Elwood, Marcus and Taurus Becton team up to aggressively protect your rights, safeguard your interests and make themselves available to your questions and concerns throughout the often complex workers’ comp legal process.

If you are dealing with wage losses, mounting medical bills, grueling therapy and emotional problems stemming from your workplace injury, the Raleigh, North Carolina, lawyers of The Becton Law Group can help.

Contact us. Our toll-free phone number is 888-563-4515. We respond promptly to all emails and faxes.

Professional, Bold, Experienced Representation That Protects Your Rights

We use our poise and professionalism to exhaustively research the facts behind your workplace accident and serious injury, and thoroughly prepare to defend your benefits claim.

We are bold in our approach to negotiations with insurance companies. We are your voice when confronting insurers who cling to their financial bottom lines and will not listen to reason. We are aggressive when we fight for you.

We bring our decades of combined experience to bear when your legitimate work injury is dismissed and your accident injury claim is delayed or denied. We know what you need and for how long, and work hard to achieve it for you.

As proof of our lifelong commitment to the people of our area, our objective in every case we handle is an improvement of your quality of life and aggressive protection of your rights. The attorneys at The Becton Law Group care about making you whole so that you can provide for your family.

Speak with our Raleigh workers’ compensation claims lawyers in a free initial consultation. We make a difference, one case at a time.

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